Sebastian Cardemil

Best known for: Putting his soul in every film, from research to the final cut.
Proudest Moments: Being accepted into this crazy, global and creative tribe.
Inspired by: Inventing games and playing them with his sons.
Specialties: Traveling to far-away lands to capture outstanding footage. Adapting to any kind of challenges from high-end productions to guerrilla-filmmaking.
Prior Lives: Sebastian was born in Santiago, Chile where he studied Sound Engineering. In 1989, he moved to Quito, Ecuador, and started a recording studio where he made influential projects for the Ecuadorian market. He won the Best Sound and Best Soundtrack awards for “La Tigra”, the first commercial Ecuadorian feature film of the 20th century.
After breaking the sound barrier, he devoted himself to editing and post-production for TV and film. In 1998 Sebastian founded ADN Digital, a TV production company. He directed TV commercials for renowned advertising agencies and created many successful television series along with important TV formats.
Sebastian is a member of The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ); where he serves as Vice President of Conferences.