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The way your CEO and executive leaders are perceived has a direct impact on the bottom line. How will you position your leadership to build a positive forward-moving corporate culture, while conveying the important information of the day?

Your leadership embodies your company. How they’re perceived is how your company is perceived, both internally to your employees, and externally to customers and other stakeholders. We can turn your business challenges into a suite of valuable, reliable, and reusable communication assets.

Case Study | COTY

In preparation for the IPO, COTY commissioned profile videos of their top nine executives including their president Michele Scannavini. The videos were conceived as a way to introduce the leadership team externally and also model the values and culture that the company upholds to employees and other stakeholders.

To learn more about this project, download the Case Study. The Case Study shows exactly how this project met the company’s business goals, addressed the challenges of putting the nine executives on camera, and the results of the project.

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